Recommended Reading

The Most Influential Books in My Life and Ministry

It should go without saying that I do not endorse or agree with everything in every book listed below or everything written by each of these authors.


Mortimer J. Adler

How to Read a Book

Ray S. Anderson (actually, anything by Anderson, but these are my favorites)

            Everything That Makes Me Happy I Learned When I Grew Up

            Living the Spiritually Balanced Life

            Ministry on the Fireline

            On Being Human

           Unspoken Wisdom

Jack and Judith Balswick

The Family

Robert Banks

The Tyranny of Time

Karl Barth

            Church Dogmatics

            Evangelical Theology: An Introduction

Wendell Berry

All his novels, some of his essays (not as much a fan of his economic and social theories)

Harry Blamires

The Christian Mind

Dietrich Bonhoeffer


John Calvin

Institutes of the Christian Religion

Robert Farrar Capon

An Offering of Uncles

            Health, Money, and Love, and Why We Don’t Enjoy Them

Jacob Firet

Dynamics of Pastoring

Justo Gonzalez

A History of Christian Thought (3 vols.)

James Houston

Joyful Exiles

           The Mentored Life

John F. Kilner

Dignity and Destiny: Humanity in the Image of God

T.A. Noble

Holy Trinity, Holy People

Henri Nouwen

Reaching Out

J.I. Packer

Knowing God

Eugene Peterson

Working the Angles

A.T. Pierson

George Muller of Bristol

Michael Polanyi

Personal Knowledge

            The Tacit Dimension

Fleming Rutledge


            The Crucifixion

C.H. Spurgeon

An All Round Ministry

            Autobiography (2 vols.)

            Lectures to My Students

Helmut Thielicke

The Evangelical Faith (3 vols.)

            Faith, the Great Adventure, How to Believe Again, and his other published sermons

            Notes from a Wayfarer (autobiography)

T.F. Torrance (anything by Torrance, but these are my favorites)


            The Ground and Grammar of Theology


            The Mediation of Christ

            Reality and Evangelical Theology

Paul Tournier

The Adventure of Living

            Guilt and Grace

Elton Trueblood

Essays in Gratitude

           While It Is Day (autobiography)

Brian Williams

The Potter’s Rib

Hans Urs von Balthasar

Love Alone is Credible